Inside Activities


Ready for Spring


Winter maybe technically be over but Spring seems to be having a slow start, but after awhile, everyone starts to feel cabin fever. There are lots of activities to be done indoors, though! Here are a few ideas to keep your mind off of being stuck in the house (unless you are lucky enough to live in an area where “cold” is 60 degrees).


A great go-to activity for being trapped in the house is crafting. You may think you are not a crafty person, but perhaps you just haven’t found the particular craft you are good at. There are lots of options to at least try, and if it doesn’t pan out, it’s very easy to re-sell supplies online these days. I love to dabble in everything, although I am not an expert at anything. It’s fun to knit and crochet, and most places have free patterns to try, or you can look up tutorials on YouTube. Another fun craft is making wreaths. You can make them out of colored mesh wiring, little decorations to hot glue on, or floral material. Some people like to sew, quilt, scrapbook: the possibilities are endless! You can use this time to get a head start on gift projects for family or even make crafts to sell at shows or for holidays.


Is crafting not your thing? I like to bake! You can make sweets like cookies or cupcakes, or make loaves of bread. Sometimes, it’s fun to look a new recipe up online and try it out. You can bake for yourself or your neighbor, or even donate food to those in need.


Speaking of donating to those in need, another way to spend the time is by making use of your couponing overstock. If you’ve been couponing all year, you may have extra toiletries, clothes, and non-perishable foods. An amazing new trend lately is to make ‘care backpacks’ for the homeless. You grab an old backpack, put a few items in it, and the next time you are out, you can gift them to a homeless person! You can even donate blankets and coats you’ve knitted or sewed.


Do you have a book or some short stories you’ve been meaning to work on? A project around the house that needs some love? ┬áThere are many different options to explore. Get creative and let us know some of your favorites!