President’s Day

President’s Day started as Washington’s Birthday, a celebration of George Washington’s birthday. It was changed to President’s Day (although Federal calendars still refer to it as Washington’s Birthday) as an attempt to give workers more 3-day holidays.


The Uniform Monday Holiday Act began as a movement to give workers steady holidays. It was believed that if working holidays fell on consistent days, that less workers would be tempted to not show up to work. In the 1960s, the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln (which both take place in February) were combined to be celebrated with President’s Day on the third Monday of every February.


Today, President’s Day is a celebration of all our past leaders. Reenactors host celebrations, and stores hold sales (in true American retail spirit). It’s a great opportunity for kids to learn about past Presidents in school, as well. If you have the day off, be sure to enjoy it!


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