Scheduling Monotony

At this point in life, some responsibilities can become monotonous or easy to forget, but it’s just as important now, if not more important, to keep up on them. There are many things we do on an annual (or less than annual) basis. I never remember to get my eye exam until I reach for a new contact and find an empty box, for example! Then I have to put on my old, scratched, dinged-up glasses until I can get in for an appointment.

Wellness visits to the doctor are very important. The great thing about annual check ups, is a lot of insurances offer them for free now. Companies are starting to realize that healthy people cost them less. There are incentives for healthy habits, such as stopping smoking. Walgreens has a great program where you can walk to earn rewards points! Make sure as you call your doctor’s office today to schedule your next wellness visit. The best medicine is prevention!

The easiest thing to forget is to check smoke detector batteries, or to replace the actual detector. The batteries should be checked yearly, but every ten years, you need new detectors. If you can’t climb up there and replace them yourself, ask for help from a friend or family member. In fact, you could even call the fire department for suggestions on getting them changed out. I remember when I woke up at 4 am to every detector in my house going off at once. After a thorough check of the house, and a call to a fire fighter I was personal friends with, I found out that if a detector is not changed on time, it will go off like that. They annoyingly went off intermittently as they were dying until I got them changed!

Eye exams, doctor visits, and smoke detectors are just a few things we need to stay on top of that are easy to forget. What is something you always forget to get done? What’s a calendar system that works for you? I encourage everyone to keep a paper calendar and to make reminders in your phone. Put post-it notes on the mirror in the bathroom, or use a magnetic note pad on your fridge. Together, we can help each other stay accountable!