Getting That Last-Minute Shopping Done on the Cheap

Christmas is in less than three weeks, and shopping is at a full-time swing! Do you still have gifts to buy? Is your budget feeling a little tighter than usual? Don’t stress! First off, remember that your family loves you and cares more about the time you spend together than what is under the tree. Secondly, follow some of these tips for a cheaper Christmas shopping experience!

When shopping online, remember to have Ebates installed on your computer ( and Honey ( Both of these apps will check coupon codes for you, so you don’t have to go hunting, and Ebates will offer cash back on certain sites. The pay out is quarterly, so you don’t get it back right away, but it’s worth every penny! Currently, my rebates are coming back to me in February, which is perfect timing to get over that post-holiday financial slump.

Another great option is to check Facebook and Craigslist for people who are selling Black Friday merchandise or other good deals they found at a price where they make a profit but you still save big money. Facebook has local “Buy/Sell/Trade” groups you can look up. Remember when meeting someone from the internet to practice safety, however. Take a person or two with you, meet in a highly public place, and don’t buy anything too risky. That $100 HDTV may not work when you plug it in!

You can get discounted gift cards from Facebook, Craigslist, or as well, and then you can use those gift cards to buy your gifts. A lot of stores offer cash-back promotions this time of year, in-store and online. So, if you buy the discounted gift card, shop online with Ebates, and then get the store’s promotional discount, you have a chance for TRIPLE the savings!

Crafts are also a big thing right now. Have a lot of fabric sitting around or the materials for making candles? Do you love to bake or make cute picture collages of the family? Handmade gifts in the area of clothing, jewelry, food, and decor are a great way to make gifts for your family. You can even advertise your skills online, sell your products, and then make money to gift shop!

However you do your shopping this year, take time to enjoy the lights, get together with family, and breathe in this short season. Be safe while traveling and shopping. Get together with some friends and make a fun day of it! Christmas will be here soon!