Veterans Day

Veterans Day is here again, and every year, I am inspired by those who choose to serve our country and those who have served it in the past. Veterans love it when you express your gratitude to them, any day of the year. There are many small ways to thank veterans every day.

I find the best way to thank anyone is through food! Buy a veteran’s coffee or meal, or you can bake them some bread or cookies. Food is the universal language. You can make them a handmade card or a photo collage, if you know them personally. If you have a veteran over for dinner, you may end up making a new friend!

If you yourself are a veteran, I would like to take this moment to thank you, sincerely, from all of us. You have sacrificed in ways we could never imagine. It’s because of you that we don’t have to. We appreciate the devotion of your life to our country, and I pray you are never taken for granted. Thank you so much.