Holiday Shopping

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming, and there are many groceries and gifts to buy. We’ve already covered the joys of couponing, and one should definitely take advantage of coupons this season. A great way to maximize grocery savings is to wait for your local store to have the “Spend this much, get a cheap turkey” deal. I always go twice! I go once to get our Thanksgiving turkey, and then again to get one to save back. Don’t wait until the week of to buy your supplies. If you know you need gravy, onion topping, green beans, or other specific items, keep an eye out for a good sale and use your coupon then!

Another great tip is to use websites like Ebates and Honey. These browser applications can be installed right into your favorite internet browser. When you are shopping online, Ebates will prompt you to hit a button for free cash back. This quarter, I’ve already earned $160 just by shopping online. Honey will check every known online coupon code for you at checkout. This takes a ton of work out for you, the consumer!

Shop early, use your coupons, and make sure you are using Ebates and Honey when shopping online. It’s great to save money wherever you can! In the future, keep an eye out all year for good deals. Your pantry AND your gift closet will be ready, and your budget won’t take a huge hit every holiday season.