Money Saving Phone Apps

Whether you are trying to stay on budget, make your dollar stretch a little more, or be able to spend more money on extras, everyone is looking to save. The Sciddy mobile app is a great way to get started on saving by being able to take advantage of nearby senior discounts, but what are some other great ways to save money?

Other apps can help you save money in different ways. For example, watches the rise and fall of prices on Amazon. Amazon is a great website on which to find anything from groceries to craft supplies to clothes. They alert subscribers when price drops happen, and they keep a running price history list, so you can always check to see if you are getting a good deal.

Price Grabber ( has a mobile app as well. They provide a service that searches retailers to see who has the best price on an item. This saves you tons of time searching the internet website by website. Need a coffee table? Price Grabber will consolidate all the best options from all the stores into a simple list for you to browse.

With Shop Advisor’s mobile app (, you can put items you are interested in on a “watch list”. It even has a barcode scanner, so you can scan an item while you are in the store. It will do price comparisons for you, notify you of price drops, and has comprehensive shopping guides to browse.

With all these wonderful options, saving money is a breeze! These companies work hard to do all the work for you. Download a few today and give them a try. Combine these price deals with the senior discounts you find on Sciddy, and you never know what you might save!