Back to School

Summer is coming to a close, and schools are starting back up again. Back-to-school sales promise great deals on school supplies, shelving units, computers and more. For a fun bonding experience, go on that supply run with the grandkids. Maybe you can even use your senior discount to give them even more savings! Also, if you are watching them after school, make sure the parents get your name on the appropriate lists to be allowed to pick up kids from the bus or at school!

But school isn’t all about kids anymore. Did you know that many colleges offer great deals for seniors looking to expand their knowledge base? A lot of schools offer free classes to “lifetime learners”. Other colleges offer a tuition discount, free books, or other incentives. You are never to old to learn!

Many seniors go back to school to learn more about the area they got their degree in or to be able to study an area that interests them. You can take classes on science, the arts, or whatever strikes your fancy. Maybe you weren’t able to get your degree earlier in life and want to go back to finish. Learning is a wonderful hobby! If you are still in the workforce, it offers many opportunities to expand your skill set for your job.

Sign up for some classes, and do your back-to-school shopping at the same time the grandkids are doing theirs! Maybe you can even discuss your homework with each other! Going back to school for cheap, or for free, is a wonderful opportunity to explore various areas of life.