Happy Fourth of July

It is important to take time to remember the daily sacrifices that our military takes to preserve our freedoms. The day that reminds us most of our heritage of freedom is the Fourth of July. Most of us get to enjoy the time with family, away from work. It is a wonderful chance to socialize, enjoy family and friends, and watch wonderful fireworks displays.

As the fireworks go off in your neighborhood this weekend, remember the shells that fire in far-off countries, and be glad that they do not fall on our shores. Try to visualize the awe-inspiring sea battle that drove Francis Scott Key to pen our national anthem. Teach the younger ones how to respect our flag, and why we do.

Be sure to thank our servicemen and women as you come across them. Maybe this Fourth of July will inspire you to send care packages to troops who may not hear from their family. It is a wonderful thing to adopt a soldier!

Be safe this holiday weekend, and pray for the safety of those who help us enjoy our everyday freedoms.