Fried Electronics

Spring time brings the beautiful powerful lightening storms. They’re calming to watch but your electronics can take a beating if they aren’t properly protected. It’s important to use a surge protector but not all surge protectors and power strips are created equal.

Power strips vs surge protectors. A power strip is an extension of your wall outlet, allowing for more devices to be plugged in. It does not offer protection against a power strike. A surge protector functions like a power strip but will also protect your electronic devices from a power spike.

The job of the surge protector is to detect excess voltage and redirect the extra electricity into the ground wiring (the wall outlet must be properly grounded as well for it the surge protector to work properly). Now it’s all about the joules! Surge protectors are given a rating in joules, the higher the number the greater the protection. Look for one that is rated at lease 200-400 joules. Surge protectors don’t respond immediately, which leaves your plugged in devices exposed to damage. Yikes! Look for a protector that has a responsive time of less than a nanosecond. Now that you know a little more about surge protectors it’s time to find one.

CNET has a great article with additional detailed information about surge protectors, they also found an article regarding the best surge protectors to buy. At only $35 from Amazon they suggested the APC Surgearrest 3020J. Take a look at the list and check out the other suggested surge protectors.

Please remember this is just a small guideline, it’s best to consult a local electrician to make sure your wall outlet is up to date and the surge protector chosen is adequate protection for your devices.