Show Some Love for Apps

You probably use native apps on a daily basis to play games, check the weather, or get turn-by-turn directions. Have you ever wondered why you would use an app over the browser?

A lot of apps actually do great things! The main advantage is they are not limited by the internet’s rules of what can or can’t be done. Apps are like downloaded software that can read your contact list or use the GPS in your phone to enhance your app experience. What separates web page use from an app is the permissions you accept when downloading the application, be sure to read the permissions as they show and choose wisely. Another plus is that native apps are more usable, they are designed to perform at their peak on mobile devices.

If there is a website you visit regularly and would like an enhanced interactive experience visit your app store and see if they offer an app!

What’s your favorite app? We’d love to hear from you!

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