Some memorable roles and oh, that presence!

A few weeks ago Robin Williams tragically took his life.  There was an immediate shockwave and outpouring of grief from an adoring public, who felt they had lost someone very familiar,  from Mork,  the lovable ork to a staggering array of characters that have become ensconced in the common imagination like Adrian Cronauer in Good Morning Vietnam, to the voice of the genie in Aladdin. Add to that his manic comedy that constantly amazed people as to how one person could reel off so much in so little time. Talk show hosts had only to sit back and let Robin go and be assured of no dead time. And it was amazing to watch the movies in which he displayed an amazing flair for the dramatic, even some which also included some of that amazing wit (like Patch Adams, Professor John Keating in Dead Poets Society, or psychological analyst/counselor Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting).

It was as if Robin Williams represented a generation of boomer’s memories in his body of work, from childhood relived with our own kids with Popeye, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, or as Peter Pan in “Hook”, to adulthood with masterpieces like Good Will Hunting, Awakenings, and Dead Poet’s Society. Many of us have our own favorites. It was, for me, the biggest sense of personal loss I have ever felt at the death of a movie star. RIP, Robin!
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