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In Christmas 2011, I got my first Kindle (I took the plunge when the Fire came out, since I also like being able to watch video, check email and social media, and other basic browsing tasks, on one device I can carry around). I’ve bought about a dozen Kindle books, and downloaded many , many samples to “browse and sample”.

I still find it frustrating that Amazon has yet to find a way to satisfy the people who like the convenience of the Kindle to carry around numerous books at a time, but also like the experience of owning the print book. I like both the electronic conveniences AND the traditional book ownership perks like the bookshelf filled with books, the “display” of what I’m reading to the social setting, and yes, in some cases, even the “smell” of the pages. Statisitics show that a majority of Kindle users are also traditional book lovers. Someday there may be a way to encourage us to get both formats. Not yet.

What about you? What’s your experience?
What is your experience with ebooks? (ie Kindles, Nooks,etc.)
Do you also still buy print books and maintain a library?
What about Audio books?