Seniors Day at the Ballpark?

12,682. 18,028. 14,765.

Last week Tampa Bay (Rays), Chicago (White Sox), and Cincinnati (Reds) played weekday afternoon games and those were their respective attendance figures. As the 4th consecutive season of declining MLB attendance rolls on, these so-called “Businessman Special” afternoon games paint a gloomy attendance picture. But, the discount hunters at Sciddy see this as a bright opportunity.

Plenty of men and women who are 50 and older spend their summer afternoons on the golf course. They can play golf any day, but there are only so many afternoon ball games. Of course getting them back in the seats might require more than a 10% discount. What if you went a step further? How about a vintage ball game, complete with old-school uniforms, limited music and gimmicks, and most importantly throw-back pricing on tickets & concessions (for 50+ only!).

The baby boomer generation offers a growing segment of seniors that want to spend their money on things they love, especially a game of baseball representing their youth. would be happy to feature any ballgame specials geared to seniors. There is a huge opportunity for the taking, MLB, we want to help you hit a home run!