launches giving senior citizens information on local deals!

Wow! Someone is finally paying attention to the largest most viable buying group in the United States! is a simple yet powerful tool that enables senior citizens to identify businesses that offer discounts. Many people associate the word senior to folks who are at assisted living centers or nursing homes. While they are considered seniors, the actual senior range starts at 55 years young! Today’s seniors active lifestyles and well-defined tastes require a senior discount website like Sciddy. They have a tremendous purchasing power and the ‘boomers’ are at the peak of their discretionary spending behavior. Why not save 10%, 20%, 30% on the things they purchase regularly?

Businesses are increasingly customizing their marketing plans to recognize this group. Sciddy strives to provide the most complete, accurate and up-to-date listing of senior discounts and promotions for goods and services, by adding new discounts and updating existing deals daily.

“ has the ability to save seniors 10-15% on their retail purchases. We spend money every day at restaurants, theaters, household goods, etc and simply forget to ask for a senior discount. It’s smart to take advantage of any money offered to specific age groups. Senior discounts have typically been difficult to find on the Internet, but represent significant savings over the period of months and years.” Steve Mitchener — President Dirxion L.L.C.

We know that when you go to search for senior discounts in some bigger cities, you may not find many results…that is where you come in. We strive to provide the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date listing of senior discounts for goods and services by crowd-sourcing this information. Because of the wide scope of promotions available, our biggest challenge is to identify ALL of the businesses that offer these discounts to those 55 years of age or older. This is why we ask for your help in finding discounts. Whether you are a business owner or patron, anyone can submit a discount to Sciddy. We will then post your contributions upon confirming the discount with the appropriate businesses. (We also request your help in correcting any outdated information that may be on our website, as things do change!) That’s why you can expect to see dozens and eventually hundreds of new discounts added to the Sciddy website everyday. Harnessing this powerful group of consumers will benefit everyone who is interested in saving money.

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