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A New Connection

This past weekend, during our super bowl party, my family started talking about grandparents, great-grandparents and so on. Of course, I immediately pulled out my phone and started googling some of my family names (I have no interest in football, I am there simply for the food). While sifting through genealogy sites, I realized a [&hellip

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Retirement Back on Track

It’s never too late to get your retirement back on track. Here are a few things to look at. If you have any debt it’s best to pay it off. Start with off your smallest debt first. Once that is paid off add that payment to your next smallest debt, pay that off then move [&hellip

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Love is kind.

Last night at the Golden Globes Michael Keaton won best actor in a film, musical or comedy, for his role in Birdman as a washed-up actor struggling to make it on Broadway. He misted up while giving a remarkable acceptance speech last night! He touched on how his life struggles and family made him who [&hellip

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Show Some Love for Apps

You probably use native apps on a daily basis to play games, check the weather, or get turn-by-turn directions. Have you ever wondered why you would use an app over the browser? A lot of apps actually do great things! The main advantage is they are not limited by the internet’s rules of what can [&hellip

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Smart Technology and Seniors

Our world is knitted together these days by technology and what better way to keep in touch with family and friends. Seniors are often intimidated by technology but I encourage you to embrace the basics. Today’s technology can keep us engaged, connected, and mentally active. Here are a few pieces of technology that seniors should [&hellip

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