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Exercise Alternatives

While everyone knows that regular exercise is important to maintain your overall health, it can be difficult to engage in physical activity if you suffer from joint discomfort, back pain or mobility challenges due to arthritis or other medical issues.  When you have to overcome more than just a lack of motivation to exercise you [&hellip

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beach volleyball at sunset

Remembering Summer

With the passing of Labor Day, which many consider the traditional end of summer, you may find yourself wanting to pack in all the summer activities you didn’t do or do them one more time before the official end of summer later this month.  If you are like me and out of school with no [&hellip

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discover the benefits of volunteering

Discover the Benefits of Volunteering

While retiring gives one more freedom to explore new activities, travel and spend time with family; you may find yourself with a little more free time that you can fill up with fun and relaxation.  For some, you may miss your job and the role you played in contributing to the success of the place where you [&hellip

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What’s your par?

We’re in full swing golf season and at the end of vacationing! Every Wednesday my husband goes golfing, the guys were chatting about a few scenic golf courses they’d like to play at. Soon after we decided to take a weekend trip and play at some new courses. After some research we came up with [&hellip

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Celebrating Family

Recently a friend attended a family reunion. He showed me the photos of everyone smiling brightly while squished together. I heard about family history and stories, the whole conversation warmed my heart. It got me thinking about the importance of family and made me realize how quickly time is slipping away. I need to get [&hellip

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