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The Lasting Legacy of the Guggenheim Museum

October 21st, marks the anniversary of the opening of New York’s Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art in 1959.  Opening day drew large crowds eager to see the controversial building, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, as much as the art inside.  While visions for using the space and the art displayed within have changed over [&hellip

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We Are Family

Unearthing the Roots of Your Family Tree

How much do you know about your ancestors and what their lives were like?  How much impact does that history have on who you are?  These are the kinds of questions you’ll likely face and possibly answer if you embark on a journey to document your family tree.  With easy access to information on the [&hellip

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Pets Give Us More than Friendship

Dating back to ancient times, there is evidence of people having pets.  While domesticating animals was initially for practical reasons, at some point we began to value the bond shared with the animals in our lives.  Today, more than 50% of homes have at least one pet, the most common being a cat or dog.  [&hellip

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exercise your brain

Exercising Your Brain – Use It or Lose It

Did you know that your brain is like a muscle, and like any other muscle in your body it needs exercise?  When you learn new things or challenge your mind, it strengthens your brain and causes it to change and grow.  As we age, we lose brain cells, our brains shrink in size and the [&hellip

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writing your memoir

Sharing Your Story

Have you ever thought about writing a memoir as a way to share your memories in a more permanent and lasting fashion?  You may not think your life has been interesting enough for such an endeavor, but everyone has a story to tell—whether you’ve lived an exciting life filled with adventure, experienced great hardships or had [&hellip

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