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Dubuque Seniors Ready to Save

Congratulations to Dubuque, Iowa for winning our 2nd “Vote For Your Hometown” contest on Facebook. We will be making calls into Dubuque this week and adding their local, senior discounts into our Sciddy database for all to enjoy! Some interesting facts about Dubuque: • Iowa’s oldest city. • Historically known for button making, boat building and logging. [&hellip

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Baby Boomers Say They Are Not Old Yet

A survey recently conducted by the, revealed that “Upbeat baby boomers say they’re not old yet”. In fact, three-fourths of those surveyed consider themselves “middle-aged or younger”. Other information collected from the survey includes: • Boomers say wrinkles aren’t so bad. • About one-half say they’re excited about retirement. • One-fourth of those surveyed [&hellip

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All-Star Senior Discounts in Phoenix!

The Major League baseball All-Star Game will be held this Tuesday, July 12 at Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ (Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks). Sciddy welcomes all seniors to the All-Star Game and hopes that you will be able to take advantage of some of the great local discounts that we have uncovered for you [&hellip

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Financially, Which State is Most Retiree Friendly?

Florida and Texas seems to be the states that come up most when people talk about being retiree friendly. This claim generally comes from favorable weather and more importantly favorable tax laws. This article from Yahoo Finance discusses which states are the most favorable for retires in this article “5 Tax-Friendly States for Retirees 2011” [&hellip

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New Senior Discounts Now Available In Florida recently completed its calling campaign into the Florida markets of Tampa, Jacksonville and Ft. Meyers. Over 700 new local senior discounts have been added to the Sciddy database for immediate use by seniors in these communities, expanding an existing database of over 2000 local discounts in Florida and thousands of national senior discounts that [&hellip

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