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golfer in the shadows

Embrace the Change

We here at remind our users to always ask for the senior discount when visiting a restaurant, theater, golf course, etc. in your local community. Being of Sciddy age myself, I found it difficult at first to do this and of course, actually remembering to ask for the discount seemed like somewhat of a [&hellip

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Sciddy age guys know how to do “human” engineering!

  Obviously these creative guys were getting a little giddy when they decided to Sciddy through Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport on their human bicycle to the Dunkin’ Donuts at terminal A. After checking they realized they are going save 10% on their favorite coffee and donuts! Peddle on Sciddy Dudes!

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Austin is Galloping into Austin, Texas with a Feedbag of Senior Discounts now has over 300 local  senior discounts in Austin, Texas! Austin, Texas not only features savings from chain businesses but features several Austin favorites like the Hyde Park Theatre, Austin Zoo, and Austin Museum of Art. The discount at the Austin Zoo and Austin Museum of Art start at age 55! Several Austin golf [&hellip

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George Clooney, cinemafestival /

By George, Clooney Turned 50!

Do you have a 50th birthday coming up and you are dreading it? Dread no more, because you are in some excellent (and ridiculously good looking) company! There is a new Sciddy-ite on the block and it is none other than the gorgeous George Clooney. On May 6th, Clooney celebrated the milestone birthday and by [&hellip

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Do we stop caring about newer music as we get older?

  This article in ( discusses how we might not be as open to newer music as we get older. I know when I listen to my children’s music I find myself being hyper critical of the lyrics and style. I then start throwing out some of my favorite songs from the 60′s, 70′s, [&hellip

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