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Marcia Brady Turns 55! Now Ready For Her Senior Discounts

Happy Birthday to Maureen McCormick (better known as Marcia Brady in the Brady Bunch) who turns 55 today. Ms. McCormick has certainly led an interesting life and you can read all about it in her memoir “Here’s The Story” (no spoiler here). In researching Maureen/Marcia, I learned that someone having a “Marcia Brady moment” refers to an [&hellip

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Go West, Senior Discounters!

Our calling effort continues this week as we tackle markets in the Western part of the United States including Fresno, Bakersfield and Sacramento CA, and Reno, NV. We will be moving on to obtain senior discounts for all of the US State Capitals in the near future in order to gain discount coverage in all [&hellip

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Small Towns Like Senior Discounts Too!

This week, Sciddy’s calling efforts have been focused on small towns throughout the U.S. Why small towns? Because seniors in these towns have been very active on the Sciddy Facebook page and we thought we would reward their enthusiasm by calling into their local communities and finding great senior discounts for them. Some of these [&hellip

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Coast-to-Coast Savings For Boomers

The distance between Boston, MA and San Diego, CA is exactly 2579 miles.  It would take approximately 40 hours to drive from one city to the other.  San Diego is known for its beautiful weather and beaches.  Boston is one of the oldest US cities and famous for its culture and history.  So, you might [&hellip

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Dubuque Seniors Ready to Save

Congratulations to Dubuque, Iowa for winning our 2nd “Vote For Your Hometown” contest on Facebook. We will be making calls into Dubuque this week and adding their local, senior discounts into our Sciddy database for all to enjoy! Some interesting facts about Dubuque: • Iowa’s oldest city. • Historically known for button making, boat building and logging. [&hellip

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