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Cable Companies Too Big?

The recent news about Comcast seeking approval to buy Time Warner has brought the issue of Cable/Broadband Company monopolies to...

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Beatles Mania Revisited

The 50th anniversary of the Beatles appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show probably drew a very large Boomer and Senior...


The Singularity: Life Saving and Extending Technologies

The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology.   That is a book title that strikes many as ominous.  It...

Announcing Sciddy Games Champs for January 2014

Announcing Sciddy Games Champs for January 2014

(Dec 28- Jan 27 30 day period ) click “Read More” to see scores

MLK from Accuracy.org


Even though Martin Luther King, Jr. s birthday was last Wednesday,  today the country celebrates the following Monday as the...