Mobile tools for older adults after all

Contrary to the idea many have that the older population is not using mobie devices, I noticed at my Mother...

Announcing Sciddy Game Champs for October 2013

Announcing Sciddy Game Champs for October 2013

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Age of Context

A new book just out, ¬†“Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy” is full of key...

Fenway Park

October Madness 2013

It’s time for the Baseball postseason again, ¬†with the addition (starting with last year) of a winner take all single...

September 2013 High Scores

September 2013 High Scores

Congrats to the Fun n’ Games High Score winners for September 2013! Game User Score High Score Date Swap+A+Smiley Jackie...