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Senior Exercise Group

Get Ready for 2016!

Like most people, you may make a New Year’s resolution to get in shape or lose a few pounds.  If that is on your list for next year you might already be thinking about it, but did you know that gym memberships are part of the benefits offered by some health insurance providers?  Since regular [&hellip

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Dick_van_Dyke-Hollywood Walk of Fame

Dick Van Dyke on Living with Joy

Dick Van Dyke turns 90 this weekend and has a new memoir, Keep Moving: And Other Tips And Truths About Aging, which celebrates longevity and offers advice for growing older with joy.  As a long time fixture in popular culture, when you think of him you probably see him singing or dancing as he is [&hellip

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art therapy

The Healing Nature of Art

I’ve always been an art admirer and enjoyed learning about different kinds of art and artists, as well as, going to museums.  My experiences with art have given me the opportunity to see the world in new ways and to appreciate how the artist captured the beauty of ordinary places and objects.  Art has also [&hellip

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Flu Season

Tips for Staying Healthy during Cold & Flu Season

As we move deeper into fall, temperatures drop and days grow shorter, we inevitably spend more time inside and in close quarters with others.  This increases our exposure to germs and the risk of getting sick.  I thought this was a perfect time to share some tips for staying healthy during cold and flu season.  [&hellip

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Pets Give Us More than Friendship

Dating back to ancient times, there is evidence of people having pets.  While domesticating animals was initially for practical reasons, at some point we began to value the bond shared with the animals in our lives.  Today, more than 50% of homes have at least one pet, the most common being a cat or dog.  [&hellip

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