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Pets Give Us More than Friendship

Dating back to ancient times, there is evidence of people having pets.  While domesticating animals was initially for practical reasons, at some point we began to value the bond shared with the animals in our lives.  Today, more than 50% of homes have at least one pet, the most common being a cat or dog.  [&hellip

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writing your memoir

Sharing Your Story

Have you ever thought about writing a memoir as a way to share your memories in a more permanent and lasting fashion?  You may not think your life has been interesting enough for such an endeavor, but everyone has a story to tell—whether you’ve lived an exciting life filled with adventure, experienced great hardships or had [&hellip

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discover the benefits of volunteering

Discover the Benefits of Volunteering

While retiring gives one more freedom to explore new activities, travel and spend time with family; you may find yourself with a little more free time that you can fill up with fun and relaxation.  For some, you may miss your job and the role you played in contributing to the success of the place where you [&hellip

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Fried Electronics

Spring time brings the beautiful powerful lightening storms. They’re calming to watch but your electronics can take a beating if they aren’t properly protected. It’s important to use a surge protector but not all surge protectors and power strips are created equal. Power strips vs surge protectors. A power strip is an extension of your [&hellip

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Show Some Love for Apps

You probably use native apps on a daily basis to play games, check the weather, or get turn-by-turn directions. Have you ever wondered why you would use an app over the browser? A lot of apps actually do great things! The main advantage is they are not limited by the internet’s rules of what can [&hellip

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