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Senior Discounts, A Capital Idea

This week, our discount calling team reaches across the entire United States, collecting senior discounts from each of the state capital cities. Once this effort is complete, Sciddy will have discount representation from all 50 states!

Our latest discount total has topped the 265,000 mark and we are well on our way to our goal of one million senior discounts collected from 500 U.S. cities by the end of 2011. You can add to the total by submitting your favorite discount at

Capital Quiz: How many state capitals are also the state’s largest city?

Phoenix AZ, Little Rock AR, Denver CO, Atlanta GA, Honolulu HI, Boise ID, Indianapolis IN, Des Moines IA, Boston MA, Jackson MS, Columbus OH, Oklahoma City OK, Providence RI, Columbia SC, Salt Lake City UT, Charleston WV, Cheyenne WY


Go West, Senior Discounters!

Our calling effort continues this week as we tackle markets in the Western part of the
United States including Fresno, Bakersfield and Sacramento CA, and Reno, NV. We will
be moving on to obtain senior discounts for all of the US State Capitals in the near future
in order to gain discount coverage in all 50 States!

Our discount counter currently indicates that we have obtained over 260,000 senior
discounts as of today. Our goal is to contact 500 US markets and collect 1 million
discounts by the end of 2011. Check out the counter on our home page and you can also
let us know what market(s) to call in the future and we’ll add them to our list.

Other news …. we just added Word Search to our list of games that are currently
available. Visit the “Fun & Games” section on this site to view and play all games. Try
to get high score and challenge your friends to a game.

Happy Savings!

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Small Towns Like Senior Discounts Too!

This week, Sciddy’s calling efforts have been focused on small towns throughout the U.S. Why small towns? Because seniors in these towns have been very active on the Sciddy Facebook page and we thought we would reward their enthusiasm by calling into their local communities and finding great senior discounts for them. Some of these towns include:

• Ada, OK
• Bozeman, MT
• Eureka, CA
• Findlay, OH
• Franklin, NH
• Garden City, KS
• Hannibal, MO
• Ismorada, FL
• Kermit, TX

Love senior discounts and want us to call your town? Go to and click on the U.S. map. Complete the short form and we’ll be glad to add your town to our calling list. Happy Savings!

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Coast-to-Coast Savings For Boomers

The distance between Boston, MA and San Diego, CA is exactly 2579 miles.  It would take approximately 40 hours to drive from one city to the other.  San Diego is known for its beautiful weather and beaches.  Boston is one of the oldest US cities and famous for its culture and history.  So, you might ask, “what do these cities have in common?”  The answer (of course) is that they both have baby boomers and those boomers like to save money. 

Sciddy recently completed its calling program into both San Diego and Boston (not to mention Tucson, AZ), uncovering hundreds of local discounts for seniors in both of these cities.  For example:

 San Diego

  • $10.00 admission to the Museum of Man (62+)
  • 10% off by using Louie’s Plumbing (55+)
  • Up to 10% off at Torrey Pines Golf Course (w/AARP)


  • Absolut Pest Control offers 10% off (60+)
  • 10% off at West Somerville Dental (65+)
  • $12.00 per class at the Boston Ballet School (60+)

 We hope that you are able to take advantage of these discounts and that it results in meaningful savings.  Tell us about your favorite discount and we will share it with others in your local community.  Happy Saving!


Dubuque Seniors Ready to Save

Congratulations to Dubuque, Iowa for winning our 2nd “Vote For Your Hometown” contest on Facebook. We will be making calls into Dubuque this week and adding their local, senior discounts into our Sciddy database for all to enjoy!

Some interesting facts about Dubuque:

• Iowa’s oldest city.
• Historically known for button making, boat building and logging.
• Winter home of the American Bald Eagle
• Most bars per capita of any other U.S. city (draw your own conclusions).
• Famous people include Don Ameche (actor) and Kate Mulgrew (actress).

Stay tuned to for more news and great ways to save.