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kingston trio

The Enduring Success of The Kingston Trio

Today in 1958 marked a turning point in popular music when The Kingston Trio’s song Tom Dooley hit #1 on the pop music charts.  It is unknown who wrote the 100 year old Appalachian folk song about Tom Dula who was hanged on May 1st, 1868, for the murder of his fiancée, Laura Foster; but, [&hellip

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art therapy

The Healing Nature of Art

I’ve always been an art admirer and enjoyed learning about different kinds of art and artists, as well as, going to museums.  My experiences with art have given me the opportunity to see the world in new ways and to appreciate how the artist captured the beauty of ordinary places and objects.  Art has also [&hellip

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The Origin of Jack O’ Lanterns

As we carved a Jack O’ Lantern at our house this year, I started thinking about the history of this tradition.  I had some vague memory about why people started carving pumpkins, but the details were fuzzy so I decided to revisit the story behind this ritual.  From what I read it seems the custom, as [&hellip

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The Lasting Legacy of the Guggenheim Museum

October 21st, marks the anniversary of the opening of New York’s Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art in 1959.  Opening day drew large crowds eager to see the controversial building, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, as much as the art inside.  While visions for using the space and the art displayed within have changed over [&hellip

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We Are Family

Unearthing the Roots of Your Family Tree

How much do you know about your ancestors and what their lives were like?  How much impact does that history have on who you are?  These are the kinds of questions you’ll likely face and possibly answer if you embark on a journey to document your family tree.  With easy access to information on the [&hellip

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