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Retirement Back on Track

It’s never too late to get your retirement back on track. Here are a few things to look at. If you have any debt it’s best to pay it off. Start with off your smallest debt first. Once that is paid off add that payment to your next smallest debt, pay that off then move [&hellip

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Financially, Which State is Most Retiree Friendly?

Florida and Texas seems to be the states that come up most when people talk about being retiree friendly. This claim generally comes from favorable weather and more importantly favorable tax laws. This article from Yahoo Finance discusses which states are the most favorable for retires in this article “5 Tax-Friendly States for Retirees 2011” [&hellip

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College Grads

Using Senior Discounts to Continue the Family Legacy

Sometimes you just don’t want to ask for a senior discount. And we get it, no one wants to be perceived as older than they feel. Plus, it’s so easy to ignore a relatively small dollar amount, think of all the loose change you find under your couch cushions when you clean it out! But [&hellip

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imagesCAJ92N43 talks about the pitfalls of retirement

This article on ( discusses 7 pitfalls Baby Boomers must avoid as we approach retirement. Two of the pitfalls include underestimating life expectancy and tapping tax deferred investments too soon. Do you have any tips on financial planning as you approach retirement? Feel free to share your thoughts. Join our Facebook page at  by clicking on the “Like” button. Check out [&hellip

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