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SI - Robinsons,  Frank and Brooks

Post season memories

My first post season as a baseball fan was 1966.  I had just started collecting baseball cards that summer.  My grandfather on my mother’s side noticed how I had become interested in baseball that summer when we were visiting that summer.  When October rolled around,  I got a package in the mail.  It was “The [&hellip

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Capital Calling Continues for Senior Discounts

Seniors and boomers in many of the state capital cities can now visit and search for discounts that have been recently added in their local community.  These cities include: Albany, NY Annapolis, MD Atlanta, GA Augusta, ME Austin, TX Bismarck, ND Boise, ID Boston, MA Carson City, NV Charleston, WV Columbia, SC Concord, NH [&hellip

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Cool commercial spot from the 60′s and 70′s! Fruit Juicy!

One of my favorite commercials growing up. What was yours? Cool commercial spot from the 60\’s and 70\’s! Fruit Juicy!

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