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Do we stop caring about newer music as we get older?


This article in ( discusses how we might not be as open to newer music as we get older. I know when I listen to my children’s music I find myself being hyper critical of the lyrics and style. I then start throwing out some of my favorite songs from the 60’s, 70’s, and Motown. How can I not throw in Motown after growing up in Detroit?! Take a read and let me know how you feel! Don’t forget to check out senior discounts at!

imagesCAJ92N43 talks about the pitfalls of retirement

This article on ( discusses 7 pitfalls Baby Boomers must avoid as we approach retirement. Two of the pitfalls include underestimating life expectancy and tapping tax deferred investments too soon. Do you have any tips on financial planning as you approach retirement? Feel free to share your thoughts. Join our Facebook page at  by clicking on the “Like” button. Check out senior discounts on financial planning at!


USA Today article looks at the benefits of exercise for seniors

This article ( from dicusses the benefits of exercise for seniors. Benefits include delaying the aging process, quicker recovery from illness, and overall feeling better.  Are you someone who exercises regularly everyday? What has your experience with exercise been? Check out for fitness centers and gyms that offer senior discounts!