Why Twitter for Seniors?

Some of you might ask: Why does Sciddy see the need to “Tweet”?  Isn’t Twitter mostly young people texting meaningless details abut their lives?  Actually,  no.  Although there is doutless some of that to be found on Twitter,  if you use Twitter you only see the Tweets of those who you follow on Twitter (and YOU choose who you follow).   And you FOLLOW people on Twitter who tweet things in which YOU are interested.  This may mean the accounts of your firiends who tweet about things that interest you,  or accounts of journalists or writers who cover topics or events or industries in which you are interested and want to keep current on what is happening in those avenues.

Dont think of it as texting what you had for lunch or texting at all. Use it for News and Recommending things you find for your friends and family.  Many use twitter to replace RSS (remember that?).  RSS was invented along with the beginnings of Blogging so that people could be notified of new posts in different areas of interest.  Twitter now performs the same service to inquiring minds.  Follow some of your favorite journalists,  writers,  and maybe a celebrity or two who actually tweet interesting or funny things.  I follow Steve Martin and Albert Brooks (who sometimes talk to each other on Twitter),  and am entertained by their clever and hilarious tweets.  But mostly I follow journalists and writers and news people who keep me informed about up to the minute news on politics, sports, and other topics of interest to me.

I found out about the killing of Bin Laden before it came on the various broadcasts because various journalists and news people were reporting that they hearing this.  This has been the case for many people regarding a host of big events over the past 4 -5 years since Twitter became the force from that it has and since grown even bigger.

I follow the Sciddy Twitter feed, @SeniorsPayLess ,  even though I am the one providing those tweets,  so that my followers will be able to see it as a followed account and by inference,  as one that tweets things often of interest to the people who follow my personal account.  And other organizations that tweet which I find to be tweeting items of frequent interest to the Sciddy community,  I follow with the @SeniorsPayLess twitter account.  That , in turn,  leads some of those to follow Sciddy (@SeniorsPayLess) and in this way,  “Twitter Communities” form with many common followers.

I also “RT” (Re-tweet) tweets coming from many of these followed accounts as they show up in the Twitter feed I get when logged in to @SeniorsPayLess as the user.  These “RTs”  are the way to share and highlight tweets that I am highlighting for Sciddy’s Twitter followers to see.  In this way,  we hope to provide yet another channel of useful information (and discounts)  available to seniors or , in some cases,  everyone.  I also “RT” tweets from @Wired, @AARP, @EverydayHealth, @NextAvenue and others because they make their Twitter feed valuable to us by tweeting items that we feel compelled to share with our community.

Most Websites have “Twitter buttons and Tweet this” to help you “Tweet” to  your own followers things you wish to pass along,  and there are “Bookmarklets”  that let you highlight text and tweet the text with the link to that page.  I do this with the various items I find related to Seniors and Boomers, discounts, related items of interest.

Find and follow people who tweet things of interest to you,  and find yet others by looking at lists of who the ones you follow are following,  and follow them.  Get in on the benefits of the “social powered news source” that Twitter represents,  and create a Twitter account for yourself and start following people and organizations who you feel will  provide you with the information and news and entertainment you seek.