Sciddy Mobile Directions

In the days ahead,  Sciddy is making an effort to increase our emphasis on mobile usage.  After all,  the best times to learn about discounts is when you are on the go,  and in a particular place where various deals and discounts are most convenient to discover and used.

As a part of this push,  more blog posts here will be devoted to helping you utilize the various tools that mobile phones and devices enable us to utilize.  I will begin with a series of posts on the use of Twitter, since this platorm seems less used amongst the various social media apps but holds such promise for a platform on which to publish discount notifications.

Twitter is much more than simply another texting platform.  Some experts have dubbed it as “microblog”,  but this also obscures much of Twitter’s utility as a News and Update platform.  I’m reading a book on the history and development of Twitter titled “Hatching Twitter”,  which will provide me with some additional thoughts about the signifcance of Twitter for not only the 55-70 crowd in particular,  but the larger role Twitter plays as a source of news in just about any niche;  not the least of which is the area of shopping and discounts.

So stay tuned in the days ahead as I attempt to help you sort through the various mobile and Social Media tools.