Sciddy Community Online Made Easier

We just upgraded the blog here on Sciddy to make it easier for more people to quickly intereact with us. The comment section on any of these blog posts can be opened simply by choosing whatever Social Network(s) you already use and love. This does not share your password for any of those with us. It uses what is called a Social Login by identifying a “logged in” status token supplied by your login to those systems. It’s basically those systems sending to you a digital token that tells your Web browser a digital secret that is not visible to any one, hacker or not, on the Internet. That “token” is what our comment system is now able to do, simply by your selecting what login you want to allow you to also participate in conversations on Sciddy.

If you select a login to which you are not presently logged in, the Sciddy site sends a message to that system to check and see if you really have a login to that system. That system returns a browser window that allows you to select the account which it identifies with you (and you may have multiple logins; different users that you use for different purposes). You are able to specify which of those logins you want to have Sciddy identify with you. Again, we never know what your password to that system is. We simply are told by your Social Network, with permission from you, that you are indeed logged into that system. That system will ask you to login again if you are not already, but all this takes place on that system (in this case, Facebook, Twitter, or Google), and then returns you to Sciddy and you are now logged in as who you are ON THAT system. Many of the social networks have developed their own “Social Login token creation” that allows you to be authenticated on other systems using this Social Login. Sciddy now has that. And you are also still able to use the traditonal Sciddy blog login if you have ever had one (few people have done so, which is why we want to make it much easier to create a way to login.

This will also enable us to allow you to tell us more about yourself (again, with your explicit permission. We’re not spying on you, simply extending to your favorite or most often used Social Network the authority to tell us that you are indeed a user on that system. We can begin to associate what you volunteer to tell us about yourself with your associated account , now created on Sciddy. We are also developing a system of rewards for those who participate with our gathering yet more Senior Discounts being offered where you are. We can allow you to allow your phone to tell us where you are and what you have indicated that you have an interest in buying on a Senior Discount, and tell you when an opportunity near where you are is available (using the Location/GPS services on your phone (which you have the power to turn on or off or set limits regarding its use).

We’re excited about the rise of the “Social Web” or “Social Net”. It can enable us to be better at telling you the most relevant information that best suits you at a particular time and place, and allow you to more seamlessly tell us things about discounts you are discovering that we can use to help the entire Sciddy community benefit from this knowledge.