Our generation remembers: November 22, 1963

I recall, as a young second-grader, not believing a classmate when they told me that the news had just said that the President was dead. When I got home a couple of hours later, my Mom confirmed it. The CBS News had broken in on “As the World Turns” which she faithfully watched over lunch most days. I don’t recall our school having made any announcement to the students.

So this is the question many are asking one another today, 50 years later, is “Do you remember where you were?” I was too young to really have it affect me deeply. I had not experienced any feelings at all about what kind of President we had. We were soon to move from Montgomery, Alabama to Charleston, West Virginia. Alabama had George Wallace for governor, so the prevailing wind of the day was probably not an environment that had much of the sense of “the camelot” that was the Kennedys. But my parents were not opposed to Kennedy on anything having to do with his reactions to the Civil Rights issues. Regardless, it was a somber occasion in our house, and I remember the black and white TV with the images of the flag draped coffin being pulled through the streets of DC on that following Monday.

So where were you on that day, November 22, 1963, when you heard? What do you remember feeling?