October Madness 2013

It’s time for the Baseball postseason again,  with the addition (starting with last year) of a winner take all single play-in, “Wild Card” game to determine the right to go meet the team with the league’s best record.  There have been many discussions about whether a single game should determine the fate of a team that has played a 162 game schedule and , possibly the second best record in the league,  should be subjected to a distinct possibility that a team with ONE dominant starting pitcher could oust them for the season.  Others say that this provides plenty of incentive to win the division rather than face that one and done scenario.  This year,  we have an extra game leading into that final wild card spot in the American league,  so a one and done game to determine the right to meet the Cleveland Indians in another one and done game (and a team that has won it’s last 10 games in a row).

What’s your feeling on this playoff format?  I would suggest AT LEAST  2 of 3 for the Wild Card game,  and perhaps a 3 of 5)