Football, Fall, College, Music

As the college football season opened up this month,  as I usually do during these times,  my mind returns to my college days,  the leaves,  meeting new people and seeing friends I’ve missed over the summer,  and feeling the thrill of being away from the home and on my own.  Some 30 years later,  I was there again when my son started college and lived on campus his freshman year.

I start recalling music that I heard playing on the radio and friends were singing to it.  (I’m going to visit a whole bunch of those college friends in a couple of weeks,  gathered around a couple of them who are doing some old “coffeehouse tunes” they used to do near the snack bar in Hart Hall when we were all at Murray State University in the 70’s. So many of these tunes will probably get played at this reunion of sorts).

Music is one way we mark time,  and is the occasion for memories to return that we may have not thought about for years.  So,  thus the question I have for you who may be reading this:  What are the “college tunes” you associate with your time in college (or in your late high school years if you didn’t go to college)?  For some reason,  I think of “Who Loves You” , and “Oh what a Night”   a song by the Four Seasons who did some “comeback” songs in the 70’s after being a hit group in the early 60’s.  What about you?   Share some with us.