Google’s “ChromeCast”: A good option for Seniors. Why?

Google has just released (although it was so popular that it has run out of stock temporarily) a device that is so cheap and so widely desired that it may well change the relationship between our phones and tablets to our TVs. It’s a pretty good bet that it will.

This is CHROMECAST, a small “key” device that looks much like a USB thumbdrive. On one end is an HDMI plug, on the other, a USB port to connect to power (either with the supplied power adapter that plugs into AC) or to your TV’s USB port (which supplies enough power). Inside is a WiFi receiver that is connected to your home’s Wifi – or wherever you are using the device, assuming it has WiFi. Your phone , tablet, or computer sends a message to a Google service that relays, via the Internet connection, the selected content on your device to the HDMI port on the Chromecast. There will be buttons on various and ever-increasing video content across the Internet to “ChromeCast this” or, whatever they decide to name it. This will be available on all Chrome browsers from a selected tab on the browser, so that any Web content in the tab can be sent to your TV. Outside of Chrome browsers, the button to “ChromeCast this” will spread like wildfire as the adoption of this device spreads. At 35 dollars, the capabilities of this device will bring it to levels approaching a commodity product.

The main thing is that will be a snap to install. Plug it in, select your WiFi channel, login , and you’re set. Mine is in the order process. The response has created a delay in fulfillment, even from a company the size of Google. Many early adopters are saying they have purchased multiple ChromeCast devices to give to family members, and/or supply TVs in multiple locations with this capability. Older adults will be able to open Facebook in a Chrome browser tab and send pictures sent to them to their big TV screen. It looks like it’s going to be a game changer.

Here’s an article from a Tech blog describing the device and its potential