Favorite/important smart phone features for you?

With the upcoming Motorola new smart phone (Moto X) release, it might be interesting to ask our Sciddy community what phone apps/features are your most used/most valuable? I just upgraded my phone to a new Android powered phone, the Galaxy S3. While I have had some exposure to Android, it was a highly customized, feature limited version created for the Kindle Fire. I now have access to the full Google Store of apps, and have spent the week adding all my most-used apps from my iPhone days, plus a few I couldn’t use on my iPhone.

Aside from Twitter and MLB (to check scores, and ESPN , to do the same, I gained several of the Google apps like Hangouts, and also the Skype app, since this new phone has the front AND rear facing camera to enable video chatting. My new learnings have to do with continuing to tweak and customize the screens on the phone to sow me the most used apps on the opening screen. I haven’t quite found the way to remove some pages from the 5 pages I have to presently navigate to find the app I want.

Phone calls, Twitter, Gmail, MLB, Google Chat and Hangouts, and text messaging are probably the main group of apps for me, along with the right kind of notification for incoming updates/messages on these channels. What about you? What smartphone apps and features are most important to you?