“The Savvy Senior” Resource

The larger our community, the more powerful we become.  Just like networks in general, the value of the network and possibilities for it increase with the size of the network.  Increases in size open up the possibilities for collaborative knowledge as the experiences of the participants emerge in increased contributions by its members.  This has been the experience of the growth of the Internet,  and its emergence as a “Social Network”.

Jim Miller’s book “Savvy Seniors” (I just ordered it on Amazon) is an extensive directory of resources of Health , Family, and Finances resources that will help Seniors in weighing all the options. Jim did not stop there. He has continued to write online, at his site savvysenior.org and his columns are syndicated across 400 newspapers, picked up by The Huffington Post,  and he is a sought out commentator on NBC’s Today show, CNN, CNBC and Retirement Living TV.

Resource aggregation is a perk of online community, where a service generates a community, which generates amenities in that community, which then operate as future perks.  Jim MIller is one of those “perks” in the online community of those who seek out information and dialogue in the world of  the 55 and over population.  His work and attention to the world of older seniors (over 70)  is pertinent information to the younger but mature 55-70 crowd,  as many are caring for and helping make decisions for elderly parents.