What’s a “Boomer Issue” For You?

As I scan the InterWebs* for “issues” and “things of relevance for the 55-70 age group, I often wonder about what kinds of things those might be. For most of us, the same things that interest people of all adult ages also interest us. Technology, Entertainment, Economy, Personal Finances, Health, and scores of diverse issues.

(*InterWebs is a kind of tongue in cheek, affectionate nickname for the Web/Internet. Just in case you were inclined to think I was confused about “The Net”.)

Since this is a blog post, and blogs were originally conceived as an expression device as well as a call for conversation by an individual concerning reactions to what the blogger has shared with a post, I want to ask our community here (which is anyone reading this) what you might think of when asked what “related topics/issues/categories” might jump front and center as “relevant” to us as we utilize Sciddy to help us locate Senior Discounts.

For me, Health (in terms of diet and exercise) has become a much larger issue, as well as the underlying health care costs, which bring preventative measures to a more prominent focus. There is also the aging issues faced with our parents, as many of us are experiencing the death of one parent and the care of the other as they experience living alone, or the choice of what to do about their care (often deeply involving us in helping them make that decision or having to take a deeper responsibility for making that decision).

Other things, like technology, which Boomers have experienced during the most disruptive, “Moore’s Law Effects” in the History of the world, is also helping us deal with our communications needs and desires regarding our parents and our children, whether it be empty nest, separation from adult children, or concerns about distance from ailing, aging parents.

It’s also fun to share interests and experiences with others who grew up with the same heroes and stars that our current generations know less and less about. Those people we discussed in high school, college, and around the water cooler at work.

Please share your suggestions about what you would like to see as “related to Sciddy” that would help us enhance and develop additional “perks” and personal rewards to our mutual interests in seeking out Senior Discounts.