The Empty Place in the Gathering

With Christmas and family gatherings coming up next week, many of us over 55 are losing parents, and experiencing the holidays as a flood of emotions. There is an empty place where we are accustomed to seeing a father sit, or a mother’s voice. This year, in the past few days we’ve also become aware of the horrible experience many parents had losing a child to senseless violence. It all serves to remind us of how important it is for us to savor the time we have with those around us, since we can ever be certain how many more days we have with them. My Dad died on Christmas day last year while I was in another city with my wife’s family. We had been fortunate to celebrate our time with my parents the week before. But this year, as the season has arrived, a lot of the Christmas songs I hear played were often ones I usually heard Dad join in or accompany with a hum.

These are things that many of you have already known for some time now. As many of you happen by in looking for Senior Discounts, this blog is here as one way for us to share an experience, a favorite, or some story or article that is of interest, help, or in some cases, amusement to you. For now, for this week and the many celebrating families in the days ahead, we wish a you a Merry Christmas!

P.S. As always, we welcome your comments and encourage you in any urge you have to share those with us through this blog or on our Facebook page (there is a post there pointing to this blog where you can comment). Have a great holiday!