The Week Of Reminding

We will see many calls this week to be thankful.  But lets cut to the chase:  With Social Media tools (like this blog,  with its Comments,  or the Facebook link to this post, Tweets, etc.)  we can offer up to the community of users a chance to express to others what occurs to us as we enjoy the Thanksgiving week.

I’ll start.   I am thankful I got to experience the delight of the Twinkie.  Now that’s ONE example of ONE WAY to answer this request.  Be humorous.  You don’t have to,  but that’s a perfectly acceptable response for the purposes of this blog.

Another perfectly acceptable response  is a more serious response.  (Not that my “Twinkie” response wasn’t at least a little serious).  I did like Twinkies,  so in that way,  it was serious.  But I do tend to reflect a bit deeper about Thanksgiving as well,  so I’ll share something from that end of the well.

This year it has to be centered  on family, since my Dad passed away on  Christmas day last year.  I’ve had a wonderful family life,  all the way back to my own childhood.  This year will have its grief aspects,  as Dad won’t be with us.  But everyone who knew my Dad always has stories to tell about how he made them laugh,  did something for them, or community folks talking about what he did as a director of Habitat for Humanity in Williamson Co. TN.  (a part of greater Nashville).  Of course,  for me,  I cannot begin to account for ,  in a blog post,  all the ways that my Dad shaped me and positively impacted who I am.  For all of that,  I cannot help be extremely thankful.

So,  what about you? (More serious thoughts are also not required or expected to be more than a sentence, either. It’s up to you)