Election night nail-biters?

We didn”t have one of those this year (the final margin state was called at around 11:10 EST),  but we’ve lived through a few Presidential elections which took us well into the wee morning hours,  and sometimes,  to see the morning light.   Ohio (once again the state that enabled the winner to top 270 electoral votes this year)  was not decided until I was at work the next morning in 2004,  enabling Bush W. to be re-elected.  In 2000,  I was one of many who went to bed thinking that election was over after Florida was “re-projected” for Bush,  only to be slipped back  in to the “too close to call” category while I slept,  resulting in minor shock the next morning as the clock radio woke me up saying “if you went to sleep thinking we had a new president,  you were wrong”.  That drama was to play out for over  a month.

Which election night kept you up the longest?  Maybe an all-nighter?  For me ,  2004 was the one,  since I actually went to bed earlier in 2000 with a widely-held misperception that the thing had been decided.