Post season memories

My first post season as a baseball fan was 1966.  I had just started collecting baseball cards that summer.  My grandfather on my mother’s side noticed how I had become interested in baseball that summer when we were visiting that summer.  When October rolled around,  I got a package in the mail.  It was “The 1966 World Series Annual”, a paperback  book  from my grandfather.  It was an analysis of the Series participants that year,  the Baltimore Orioles and the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Sandy Koufax was on the cover.  The Dodgers would be swept by the Orioles and Triple Crown winner Frank Robinson,  who had been acquired before that season from the Cincinnati Reds.  I remember Frank and Brooks Robinson hit back to back homeruns in the first inning vs Don Drysdale.  Hall of famer Koufax, who lost game 2 to Jim Palmer, 6-0,   had won 27 games, struck  out over 300 for the second consecutive year,  and an ERA under 2.00.  It was also to be his last season,  forced to retire with an arthritic left elbow.

What was your earliest post season memory?