Tablets becoming big item for people over 55

Since last Christmas (actually shortly after the Christmas season 2011) the number  of people owning tablet computers doubled!   Much of this jump was a result of both Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble’s “Nook” offerings for Christmas (with the Kindle Fire accounting for most of that),  and the  success of the latest Apple iPad.

Combine that with the statitistic that 30% of e-book readers are over 55,  we can see the attraction of devices like the Kindle Fire (just out with new models) have for the over 55 crowd.

As new models (such as the Nexus 7) grow in popularity,  this will probably continue as a trend on into 2013. As the rise in the older users becomes more noticed by marketers,  this could shape up to be a very interesting year for even more interesting models that have us “older tech enthusiasts” in mind.  I’ll be keeping watch on this,  as I look to find my own “perfect match” in tablets to follow up my ownership of the Kindle Fire this past year.

What’s been your “tablet” experience thus far?  What do you expect you will be doing about this in the near future?  I anticipate I will be attempting to acquire a Nexus 7 pretty soon.

These observations gleaned from: