Capital Calling Program Complete for Senior Discounts

We have completed our calling program into all of the State capitals and are pleased to report that 8,000 new, senior discounts have been obtained and added into our Sciddy database. We are now moving forward and will continue calling other metropolitan areas in the U.S. to obtain as many senior discounts as we possibly can for you. Please remember that whether you are a consumer or business, you can always submit your favorite senior discount by completing the “Submit a Discount” form on the Sciddy site.

Take a look (or sign-up to receive) our new email notifications, as we have recently added current, national discounts to partner with the featured Sciddy senior discounts. We hope that the combination of both the Sciddy and national discount offerings will result in real savings for the boomer consumer.

Coming soon, a Sciddy mobile app that you will be able to use to obtain fast and helpful information regarding senior discounts for your current location.

Happy Saving!