September Fun and Games Leaders for Senior Discounters

The Major League baseball season is about to conclude and while the division champions are pretty much settled, there are still some wild card spots up for grabs.

The same is true for Sciddy Fun and Games. There are some players that have taken a commanding lead and will be difficult to defeat this month. For others, the Game Champion and “wildcard” is still anyone’s guess. Here’s how it looks heading into the last week of September:

Swap-a Smiley – “jmetz47” is trying to hold off a late charge from “WDT” and is the Philadelphia Phillies of this game. “jmetz47” may have to put their starters back in the game to hold on to the September crown.

Fishing Fun – “BiggerD” has the top six scores in this game and has scored 400,000 more points than their next closest opponent. Makes you wonder what they are using for bait. Let’s call this player the Detroit Tigers of Fishing Fun.

Mahjong – Old rivals “Gmalulu” and “bomar5” are at it again this month. They are running 1-2 and its coming down to the last week. They are the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox of Mahjong.

Word Search – in the most heated battle of the month, several players are still in the chase. “corrined “merrilee”, “rosey” and “dave” are all right there. The best comparison to this contest would be the wildcard race between the Cardinals, Braves and Giants. Only one player will prevail in the end.

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Happy Saving!