Senior Discounters Also Great Gamers

We are coming to the close of our first full month of Fun & Games on and it looks like we have some very interesting competitions going. Here’s a brief summary of where we stand heading down the home stretch:

Swap a Smiley – “Deni” has a commanding 36,000 point lead which looks like it will not be beaten. There are rumors that Deni may be using performance enhancing substances and may have to go before Congress to explain their unusually high score.

Fishing Fun – “jsam56” (a.k.a. jsam56BiggerD and BigD) looks to have all of the Top 20 scores in this game. Obviously an avid fisherman, jsam56 is a dominate force and looks to be in control of this game.

Mahjong – a very tight race with “Gmalulu” leading way over “bomar5”. This is a heated battle and looks like it will come down to the wire. There’s still time for a dark horse contender to catch them both and take the August crown.

Word Search – “Carol” has a narrow lead over “Gerry” by a mere 50 points. Wonder if they are playing the same category? Several others are also in the running so this will be neck-and-neck to the very last day.

Best of luck to all and thanks for playing. More games to follow in the very near future. Don’t forget to check out the great senior discounts that are available in your local area at and to submit your favorite discount.

Happy Saving!