Baby Boomers Say They Are Not Old Yet

A survey recently conducted by the, revealed that “Upbeat baby boomers say they’re not old yet”. In fact, three-fourths of those surveyed consider themselves “middle-aged or younger”.

Other information collected from the survey includes:

• Boomers say wrinkles aren’t so bad.
• About one-half say they’re excited about retirement.
• One-fourth of those surveyed insist that “you’re not old until you’re 80”.

For the record, 77 million boomers will be celebrating their 47th through 65th birthdays this year. Overall, boomers are upbeat about their futures. One-third of those surveyed say they feel confident about growing older, more than twice as many that find it frustrating or sad. Things that they are enthusiastic about include watching their grandchildren and spending time with friends. Issues that are worrisome to boomers include physical ailments and finances. Most expect to live longer than their parents.

Very encouraging information from this survey. As a boomer myself, I hope the poll results are accurate!