Using Senior Discounts to Continue the Family Legacy

Sometimes you just don’t want to ask for a senior discount. And we get it, no one wants to be perceived as older than they feel. Plus, it’s so easy to ignore a relatively small dollar amount, think of all the loose change you find under your couch cushions when you clean it out! But those pennies, nickels and dimes sure do add up!

As reported by Sciddy, auto repair shop Car-X offers a 10% discount to seniors. While the average American is spending $1,200 per year on auto maintenance, taking advantage of senior citizen discounts can help with the hefty price tag and can go a long way. Let’s say you make quarterly trips to Car-X, and you decide to invest your senior savings in a college tuition fund for your child or grandchild. Under conservative growth estimates, five years of this behavior should yield roughly $800 in savings for your loved one’s education.

Now consider what you could provide for your family’s next generation when applying this process to all Senior Discounts. You’ll find that they are definitely worth asking about.