Embrace the Change

We here at Sciddy.com remind our users to always ask for the senior discount when visiting a restaurant, theater, golf course, etc. in your local community. Being of Sciddy age myself, I found it difficult at first to do this and of course, actually remembering to ask for the discount seemed like somewhat of a challenge. So, I decided it might be beneficial to ‘Google’ the subject to see if I could find a psychological reason why someone would not ask for a senior discount. The best answer I found was many people do not like to be asked or reminded how old they are, not to mention being called a ‘senior’. The word was only “cool” when we were in high school or college. And other responses for not asking, I assume, would be that they will be considered cheap or lacking in financial means to purchase something at full price. Do I really need to ask for a discount at Denny’s? I know I can afford this meal without it!

My response to all of this …embrace the change in your age status and think of this as a major perk that people younger than you cannot take advantage of. I have been able to effectively change my behavior and now always ask for the senior discount wherever I go. It may seem like a few cents or dollars here and there but you will be surprised at the savings that can be realized over a short period of time. Practice makes perfect, but soon this will become part of your regular routine when out in your local community.