By George, Clooney Turned 50!

Do you have a 50th birthday coming up and you are dreading it? Dread no more, because you are in some excellent (and ridiculously good looking) company! There is a new Sciddy-ite on the block and it is none other than the gorgeous George Clooney. On May 6th, Clooney celebrated the milestone birthday and by all accounts, 50 never looked so good! He has accomplished a lot in his years, winning an Oscar, starring in hit television shows and movies, not to mention being named ‘The Sexiest Man Alive’, twice! He has been an active humanitarian in important world issues and is also a United Nations Peace Ambassador. With all that he has accomplished in his youthful years, take a look back at your own life, reflect on past accomplishments and get ready to enjoy your Sciddy years! We wish him (and you) a very happy and healthy 50th birthday!

Read more about the big birthday here: George Clooney turns 50 – CBSNews

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